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Choose us for expert preventive dentistry services in the Mandarin neighborhood of Jacksonville, FL

Preventive dental care is key to keeping your teeth healthy throughout your life. Count on Mandarin South Dentistry for professional preventive dentistry services in the Jacksonville, FL area. From deep teeth cleaning to routine X-rays, we'll make sure you're maintaining good oral health. We'll guide you on proper dental care for yourself and identify any potential dental problems to fix. Call us today at 904-268-7552 to learn more about our preventive dentistry services.

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Preventive dental care is important

We truly care about our patients and are committed to helping them with all their preventive dental care needs. Trust us to help you build healthier dental habits for your future. We offer a variety of preventive dentistry services to our patients, which include:

  • Routine dental cleanings twice a year.
  • Deep cleaning. We'll get rid of all the buildup around your teeth and make them sparkling clean.
  • Sealants. Our dentists will put sealants on your molars or permanent teeth to protect them from cavities or decay.
  • Fluoride. We'll wash away all the germs with our fluoride rinse to make your enamel stronger.
  • X-rays. We provide periapical X-rays, bitewing X-rays and panorex X-rays.

Don't wait for preventive dentistry services. Schedule an appointment with Mandarin South Dentistry today.